Blending the colors of sound and soul into a masterful work of art, Carlene Prince skillfully entwines her heart’s wisdom with her powerful vocal abilities and inviting piano virtuosity. Very stirring. ”

— Scott Jibben (Producer/Engineer ~ Pulse River Studio)

Anointed music and word shared through this missionary made for a night where God bowed low to the earth. Heaven came down and dried our tears. I saw truly miraculous healings of the soul and spirit. God visited.”

— Cathy (Event Attendee)

Carlene’s music consistently brings me nearer to the heart of God. Carlene isn’t just a dear friend, but one of the most anointed musicians I have had the privilege to work with. Her writing contains a beautiful complexity that invites the listener into deeper fellowship with the Father.”

— Angela (Music Missionary, International House of Prayer Missions Base ~ Kansas City, MO)

An extraordinary woman writing gutsy devotional music. Her music is Lenten...it gets at the themes of purification, sorrow, obedience, and trust.”

— Dr. Nathan Hitchcock (Theologian, Worship Leader, Author)

Music ministry has incredible power to break down walls, and prepare people's hearts for the entrance of God's life-giving word and touch. I am confident that God will use Carlene’s ministry in the lives of many to "rebuild the ancient ruins and restore places long devastated...places that have been devastated for generations. ”

— Roger Lonnquist (Network General Manager, Your Network Of Praise Radio)

Carlene is a woman broken enough to operate under His Blood and in the Power of His Holy Spirit Anointing as a true worshipper.”

— Pastor Bill (Event Attendee)

My first experience witnessing Carlene minister was to several hundred attendees as the musical guest for a banquet. Through her music, Carlene transformed a hotel banquet room into a house of worship. Every face intently watched as she ushered the audience into the presence of God. At that moment, I felt that I could finally understand what a Psalmist was and how this beautiful gift can transform anxiety and distraction...into peace and focus. God has used her personal stories and scriptural insight to bring understanding to the hope and healing that can come after (and in spite of) pain or trauma. The effectiveness of her message was evident as a long line of people stood waiting to speak with her afterwards. Each one hugged and thanked her profusely for the bold words of healing that she brought. Carlene is clearly gifted in ministering to audiences from all walks of life.”

— Birga (Exec. Director, Love INC ~ Albuquerque, NM)

...“God moments”. They really do happen and such was the case with me when first exposed to Carlene Prince and her God-given ministry as a true Psalmist and conveyer of truth. Within moments of the first time I began to hear her sing and play I knew that she and her giftedness were both powerful and pure. Her ability as a songwriter is fresh and carries with it an anointing that speaks to and moves the hearts of every age. Her truly joyful and humble personality both on and off stage is magnetic and stimulating. Carlene is more than a singer and more than a player. She is a handmaiden truly rescued and empowered by the Spirit of God to reach and bring hope and freedom to the needy in soul – along with continued empowerment and encouragement to any and all. I can sincerely attest to the fact that both our congregation and I eagerly await the next opportunity to see and hear this true servant of our Lord.”

— Pastor Barney (Abundant Life Christian Center ~ Belen, NM)

I’ve had the privilege of having Carlene Prince share with groups both in a speaking and musical capacity. She exceeds expectations. Carlene hears from God. She knows His voice, dialogues with Him constantly, and is a powerful sharer of Him. Carlene has a gift of pulling the audience in. She is part of the audience, not speaking at them, but rather joining with them intimately. I sense that God uses her as a catalyst to draw others to Himself, and they can’t help but feel closer to Him as a result. I’d encourage you to make time for corporate, small group or one-on-one prayer with Carlene too. It is a sweet, intimate time. As for her music: it’s either knock my socks off, or it leaves me weeping. She brings the same qualities to her music as she does to her speaking. Engaging, and drawing from her deep, deep love of the Lord...she pours it out on others. That's the spiritual part. As a human being, she’s just plain smart, kind and funny. I believe you will be greatly blessed, encouraged and refreshed by time with Carlene. She’s a gem. ”

— Mary (Co-founder & Director Of Operations, Child Bridge of Montana)