Wondering how you can support Carlene Prince in her calling as a musicianary? Now are you wondering what a "musicianary" even is? (Grin!) A musicianary is the combined concepts of "musican + missionary." Carlene deeply desires to be a warring worshipper, on assignment, to only the places the Father has authored with purpose.

Thus, Carlene is endeavoring to be a musicianary, where a family of those, passionate about the Kingdom ministry presented through Carlene's calling, and moved by His heart to be involved, would be willing to support her everyday living expenses...much like a missionary who is taken care of by the generous support of others. This allows Carlene to be completely unencumbered and not reliant on taking a gig simply because of how much it pays...versus joyfully going to an assignment of any size - because her needs have already been met. Then she isn't forced to take the invitations that "pay better," which can often mean neglecting the places the Father really wants her to go. Your financial support enables her events to have an atmosphere of FREEDOM if it's not about the pressure of finances, rather the fullness of ministry...and whatever Heaven brings for each specific gathering and group of people in each event. 

NOTE:  As far as the government is concerned, we are a for-profit business. However, in many ways we operate like a ministry. Functionally, we sell products and do events for a fee when necessary. The amount of time/ways we can allocate to ministry, future recordings of music, etc., fully depends on sales and donations.  Since we are a for-profit business, your donations are not tax deductible. Many people have chosen to invest in these Kingdom ventures because they believe in the genuine and authentic nature of how the Father is moving in unique ways, and want to sow into our regular expenses and ministry work. For those that give in this understanding, we are so grateful, and you can  give by one of the two options listed on the right.

Want to be a part  of
Carlene's support family?

It's easy, and we have two options! 


OPTION 1: Send a check. 
Please make checks payable to: 
Do It Again Ministries. 

         Send to:
         Do It Again Ministries
         c/o Carlene Prince
         PO Box 5114
         Kalispell MT 59903 


OPTION 2: Send a recurring or one-time gift through the link below.  (Recurring monthly gifts helps with planning/budgeting & provides an easy way for you to support Carlene in a "set-it-and-forget-it" method.)   

If you have any questions, email us at: - and THANK YOU for your joy and generosity in giving!