Artist Carlene Prince

Carlene “CeCe” Prince, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and speaker, is at heart a worshipper who, despite deep personal hurts in her past, has a joy and confidence to sing boldly before the Throne of Grace.  She enjoys helping quiet an atmosphere, providing a landscape through music that invites the listener to experience God's whisper, and know of His nearness, love, and revelation over their lives. Her message of healing, accompanied by her musical gifting, will usher you into a place of peace and refreshment, where the Father’s love stirs deep, and heals wide.  

Her style has been described as, "much on the same passionate and prophetic wavelength of the psalmists.”  One friend refers to her as a “song-receiver” rather than a songwriter, describing a gift that seems to enable her to sit down and simply sing what the Father gives her to sing, rather than manufacture something simply to have lyrical content.  

Carlene willingly shares from the heart, and tells her life's story of redemption after devastation, and the vulnerable journey and peaceable fruit of continual healing common to us all.  Combined with the power of musical performance and teaching, she has seen people be touched and given hope in the midst of their own dark times. 

Carlene believes first hand in the ability of music to regenerate and touch us all in powerfully emotional, engaging, and inspirational ways, and she is excited to announce that after years of requests, she has released her first full-length albums of all original songs. 

"Songs From Jacob's Ladder: ASCENDING and DESCENDING"  are out now! Purchase the 2-CD album set HERE.

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