The lifework of Do It Again Ministries seeks to nurture connection between the Father and the Body of Christ through gatherings of prayer, worship, teaching, writing and honest discussion. The focus of Do It Again Ministries (artist Carlene Prince) is to walk through open doors orchestrated by the Father to assist the body of Christ in connecting with the Father's love which stimulates growth, reveals atrophy, accelerates healing, and deepens maturity.

We believe there is nothing more powerful than exploring the perpetual majestic invitation of our King, in how to maneuver from the gridlock and inertia of pain to the freedom and fullness of the Father’s love that stirs deep and heals wide.  We believe that by the Holy Spirit’s leading in moments and atmospheres of worship and teaching, keys of truth are revealed and can be utilized to unlock mysteries and break off chains that keep us from freedom in Christ, so we can run headlong into His extravagant grace.

We long to touch the Father's heart with our continual worship, as He touches our hearts with His continual healing,
so that the Holy Spirit is followed, the Father is exalted, and the Son is glorified.